Hair Color Salon in Lawrenceville Ga, Innovative Hair Designs by Marie Venter

Hair Color Salon in Lawrenceville Ga, Innovative Hair Designs by Marie Venter

Custom Formulated Hair Salon Color To Go-


Custom formulated Hair Color just for you!
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Marie became aware of the changing needs of her salon's clients. She realized today's lifestyles demand an increasing amount of his client's time and resources. For many people, this hectic pace is aggravated by having to juggle schedules for an often expensive and time-consuming appointment to get hair coloring treatments at a salon. In response to her client’s needs Marie decided to Give Back to clients that truly cannot afford to have their hair professionally colored every 6 weeks. She will mix a custom formula for her clients to take home and color their own hair at home with confidence.
Innovative Hair Designs Inc. leaves boxed color where it belongs– on store shelves or internet.
You will not be getting some advanced salon grade formula; you will be getting top name brand formulas from top companies such as; Redken, Goldwell, Keune, So-Color and so many more.
A Hair Color Salon called Innovative Hair Designs by Marie Venter is making Clients everywhere beautiful with a mixture of custom colors and creating one great hair coloring at a time!
Innovative Hair Designs offers the same salon color products, either for you to take home or have the color expert (Marie venter) color your hair at the salon, which ever you prefer. Marie understands the expense of having your hair colored every 5 to 6 weeks. She asks that you come to her for your haircuts and in exchange she will customize your hair color and send it home with you. During your haircut, Marie will be able to give personal guidance with your hair color formula and let you know how often you will need to color your hair and too pick up your formula. If you live a little too far from the salon and you are not ready for a haircut, Marie will drop it in the mail for you. You will get the full salon treatment without paying a fortune.
Innovative Hair Designs actually uses your personal hair details to blend up your individual color, just like what is actually done at the salon. The color expert (Marie Venter) will use quality name brand hair color so you will get silky, shiny hair with complete gray coverage. She will mix it up and put your name on the bottle – because Marie formulated it just for you and no one else! That’s what makes it so special. Don’t be surprised, you could leave the salon with two different formulas, one for the front of the hair where you are noticing a few greys and the other is for the back of the hair where it is more natural. Two different hair colors need two different formulas. And for the ultimate convenience, it can be picked up at the salon or mailed to your home, all for under $21.00.
The salon Treatment/ Box Hair Color verses Professional Hair Color
Anyone can color hair, all you have to do is go to the drug store, supermarket, or send a picture across the internet and purchase a bottle of hair color, read the directions, mix the color, apply it to your hair, shampoo it off and, like magic, you have just the color you've always wanted to be...Right?...Wrong.
Hair coloring is far more complex. It is an exact science. To be a hair colorist, you need the skill and understanding of chemistry, and have the creativity to select just the right shade desired. Couple this with the patience to select hundreds of tiny strands placed in just the right areas of the head to be lightened, and you can understand that today's hair colorist is a skilled specialist.
If you are one of those unlucky ones who has found out the hard way that all hair salons cannot color hair, or if you use the same color on your hair that your neighbor uses and it doesn't come out the same, or the first time you colored your hair, it was perfect and now it is much less than perfect, you've learned that hair coloring is a bit more complex than the TV commercials would have you believe.
Customized hair color truly makes a difference!!!
Marie Venter spent a significant amount of time at school learning the chemistry and composition of coloring hair and at Cut, stylists attend regular coloring classes. This knowledge of hair and color is put into play for each and every individual client. She takes into account everything: hair color, texture, skin color, past treatments, amount of gray hair, etc. when deciding what color and what developer strength is right for your hair. This truly brings out the best in hair and keeps it healthy and happy.
If you’re ready to make a change, Innovative Hair Designs by Marie Venter is offering with a money back guarantee, a customized, special color formula just for your hair. If you live in the area please schedule an appointment for a haircut and during that time Marie will analyze your hair and talk about the texture and your currant color in-order to formulate the best possible color and brand for you personally. If you know the brand name of your hair color that your stylist used on your hair before and you liked it, I can get the same brand. The great thing about scheduling an appointment for a haircut at Innovative Hair Designs,  is that Marie Venter can cut your hair and at the same time talk face to face about your hair color needs, and come up with a formula that is best for you personally. Before you leave the salon, you will have had a class on Hair Color 101; your color will be formulated, and ready for you to take home. If you need to come back and add a few color enhancements, Marie’s famous Sun-Kissed technique will do the trick. Whatever you decide, just know, there will be a big savings and it will take the guess work out of choosing your own color at the store or hoping someone on-line can help. After all, I am the professional and it takes more than just a one color tone in a box. It takes customizing two or three shades for the perfect look!!!
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