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Specializing in Naturally Curly Hair

For Naturally Curly Hair,

A Great Haircut is Key!

Along wth Keratin Treatment (often referred to as the “Globel Keratin Treatment”) is the only treatment available today that effectively eliminates frizz from the hair for an extended period of time, without removing the hair's natural wave (as opposed to the “Japanese Straightener” which does just that).If you are looking for Straight Hair, have  the "Japanese Straightener".

Keratin is a protein of which the hair is mainly composed, and this process infuses an extra layer of keratin to smooth out the frizz. There are numerous formulations on the market. The Globel Keratin comes from the hair of the New Zealand Sheep.

At Innovative Hair Designs Inc. by,  Marie Venter, she offers a zero percent formaldehyde option which also contains collagen to make the hair not only frizz-free, but also soft, silky and shiny. The keratin treatment results typically last 3 to 4 months.
How to Solve Frizzy Hair
Dry, puffy and frizzy hair is often the result of over processing, experiencing humid weather or applying the wrong styling techniques to curly hair. In fact, the tighter the curl pattern in your hair, the more difficult it is for natural oils to lubricate your hair shaft to reduce the appearance of frizz. For frizzy-hair sufferers, you'll need expert tips (Marie Venter) to add shine, rejuvenate curls and quench parched hair. Using product made for curly and dry hair, you can obtain beautiful and healthy curl.

1. Keep hair conditioned regularly. Use conditioner and shampoo formulations for curly hair.

2. Shampoo your hair every three to five days.

3. On the days you do not shampoo your hair, rinse with conditioner only.

4. Rinse hair with cool water.

5. The cold water will make the hair cuticle lie flat, and your hair will look shinier.

6. Dry your hair using a towel.

7. Apply a pea-sized portion of styling cream or leave-in conditioner to coat strands and add moisture to your curls.

8. Apply the product evenly to your strands using a large wide-tooth comb

9. To keep your hair from frizzing in humid weather

10. Mix a dollop of gel with an equal amount of styling cream in the palm of your hand. Apply this mixture to your curls and scrunch your hair to activate your curls.

11. Let hair dry naturally, or blow dry it with a diffuser set on a low or cool setting. Avoid scrunching your hair while drying, which will break up curls and create the appearance of frizzy hair.

12. Add hair or shine serum for additional shine. Frizzy hair requires weight on its ends to avoid the appearance of puffy hair. Apply the products to the ends of your hair first--so the tips of your hair are saturated longer than the roots.

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