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BALAYAGE-Get Swept Away



Painted by Marie Venter


Get "SWEPT" Away


Balayage- Personalized for YOU!




NATURAL as that sun-kissed hair of your youth.  No one wants to be weighed down by blocky color. Marie’s processes, whether Balayage or foil, encompass the best in hair color techniques.  No more stripy, chunky highlights.  As a true artist, she takes skin tone, eye color and your input into account in order to create.

STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL outcomes, the ultimate goal.  Confident.  Inspired.  Energized.  Your beauty optimized.  Marie thrives off it, from you and for you.  Hair color done well compliments everything.  When you look the part, you act the part.  Hair color is one of the best ways to be...‚Äč

ORIGINAL, expressing your unique style.  Marie’s hair color methods are among the best, allowing your own vision to be expertly styled to you.  You deserve something personal.  Marie recognizes the care and consideration it takes to satisfy the individual.

Get Painted by Marie



Although Balayage is a beautiful technique of hair coloring, it is not synonymous with ombre. Ombre is a trend and style, where Balayage is a technique in which you can create ombre.

Marie’s philosophy of hair coloring is one of natural looking, healthy hair. So whether you want to be a sultry brunette or a radiant redhead or one of our believable blonde shades you can be assured that your hair will always be in the optimum condition.

Changing your hair from a mousy brown or an aging gray to a soft appealing shade can make a definite change in your outlook. Suddenly you feel more attractive, desirable. Changing one's hair color has helped many of our clients make positive changes in their lifestyle.

A complete change may not be for you. You may have perfectly lovely natural hair color, Marie can enhance your natural hair color with an infinite number of exciting, color flattering effects. She is absolutely sure of her hair coloring, because her methods of determining the final color are unique.

The most important factor that the hair color artist (Marie) has to consider is determining which hair color is just right for you. Like selecting a hairstyle, the hair colorist must consider many factors when selecting a hair color. The hair color must blend well with your complexion. Too little contrast and you will look washed out. Too much contrast and the hair color can look too hard and unattractive. Your hair should frame your face in a medium contrast. The hair needs to be either slightly lighter or slightly darker. Other factors are your age, the length of hair, lifestyle, whether you plan to perm, the amount of gray hair and your natural hair color category.



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